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Milpitas Locksmith 



  ARC Mobile Locksmith provides affordable, reliable, courteous mobile licensed locksmith service for auto, home, and business needs located in and around Milpitas, California. Many problems happen away from home whether you lost your car keys at the Great Mall, locked yourself out of your car in front of Best Buy at McCarthy Ranch, or broke your car key in your ignition at McDonald's on Dixon Road. Save your money and call ARC Mobile Locksmith for service. Most problems are resolved the same day without having to call a tow truck or dealer. In addition to these common problems are your home needs. You may have a key that doesn't work in your front door. You may need three different keys to unlock your house and you wish you only had one. Call and ask how we can help you today! 

   ARC Mobile Locksmith is licensed by the state of California and has had a fingerprint and background check through the Department of Justice and FBI. When it comes to making a decision on which locksmith is best make sure your safety and security is top priority while receiving excellent quality service at a great price. There are many scammers out there so beware. Every locksmith must carry a card issued to them through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and an ID. Don't be afraid to ask for these. Any reputable locksmith would not hesitate to show these to you.

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